‘GTA Online’ weekly update adds in another car from The Contract

Another week, another set of wheels

The latest GTA Online weekly update is here, bringing in a new car for purchase first seen in The Contract.

Patch notes are not yet available for the latest GTA Online update, but players have already stuck in to find what’s new. This week, a significant new addition is a semi-new car, the Obey I-Wagen, which players can purchase from Southern San Andreas Super autos for $1,720,000 of in-game currency. You might recognise it, as it was introduced to GTA Online as part of The Contract update. Some players might already have it if they have gone through the free update starring Dr. Dre and returning protagonist Franklin.

anderson paak dr dre grand theft auto gta
Anderson .Paak and Dr. Dre in the trailer for ‘Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract’. CREDIT: YouTube/Rockstar


And players looking to earn some extra money in GTA Online this week might want to check out the Simeon Contact missions, as this week you’ll get triple the usual amount. Alternatively, the South Central Leak VIP Contract and Hardest Target Adversary Mode offer double the normal amount.

On the car front, this week, the GTA podium car is the Declasse Drift Tampa, and you can get this week’s GTA Prize Ride, the Karin Calico GTF, by placing first in pursuit races five days in a row.

You will also be able to get discounts on a variety of cars this week which includes:

60% off

  • Wastelander ($263,340 – $198,000)

50% off

  • Blazer Aqua ($877,800 – $660,000)

40% off 

  • Barrage ($1,272,810 – $957,000)
  • Armored Boxville ($1,755,600 – $1,320,000)
  • Coquette D10 ($906,000)
  • Hauler Custom ($840,000)
  • Itali GTB ($713,400)
  • Itali GTB Custom ($297,000)
  • Vectre ($1,249,500 – $937,125)

Weapons discounts are as follows:

30% off

  • Stun Gun ($262,500)
  • Compact EMP Launcher ($278,250)

But this week’s update offers no clothing discounts.

In other news, Rocket League is partnering up with musician Grimes for the “Neon Nights” event, where you’ll be able to get Grimes themed items and more.