‘GTA Online’ Halloween event adds scary slashers and ghost cars

Try not to trip and fall as you run away

GTA Online is still fresh despite its age, as Rockstar provides players with weekly updates. This week’s Halloween update adds scary slashers and a flaming ghost car that will hunt you down worse than the griefers as you walk the spooky streets of Los Santos.

Every year, Rockstar puts out themed updates to GTA to entice players to play over the holidays and to give existing players new weapons, cosmetics, and events. This Halloween is no different.

This year’s Halloween update sees slasher NPCs out in the world of Los Santos ready and waiting to strike when you least expect it. These slashers are inspired by classic horror films like Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street.


GTA Online Terminator
GTA Online. Credit: Rockstar Games

Also let loose is a phantom car straight out of the pits of hell – this flaming automobile will charge at you with reckless abandon while setting your surroundings on fire, making escape next to impossible.

If you manage to survive one of the deadly slasher attacks and kill your assailant, you’ll be rewarded with a rare twilight knife t-shirt. Other rewards include double XP in the limited Halloween game modes: Slasher, Come out to play, and Condemned.

Also on offer is a new cabinet for arcade owners, Camhedz, and the alien survival mode which will have double cash and RP for players who take part.

For players who’d rather opt out of the spooky shenanigans, simply logging in to GTA Online this week will nab you a free in-game t-shirt featuring the baseball bat from GTA 3 in honour of the game’s 20th anniversary.


In other news, the New World devs have put character transfers on hold while working to fix a gold duping bug being exploited by some players.