‘GTA Online’ summer update is coming next week

Los Santos Tuners will focus on the underground racing scene

Grand Theft Auto Online is getting a new summer update next week and it’s all about underground racing.

The update, which launches on July 20, is titled ‘Los Santos Tuners’ and adds a whole range of Tuner-based missions and races. But that’s not all – there’s something called the LS Car Meet, too.

This vast, shared social space is a new area where you can take your favourite personal vehicle to meet with other Los Santos petrolheads.


It’s described as being able to let players hang out, race and even meet up with “shady contacts looking for skilled drivers and a chance at easy money”.

The whole experience begins with a meeting at a non-descript warehouse on the edge of town – over at Cypress Flats. Pay $50,000 in-game cash and you can join the LS Car Meet, granting you a membership pass that can be upgraded with reputation points, earning you some new goodies with each level. It’s basically GTA Online’s version of a battle pass.

Earn reputation points and upgrade your membership by taking part in races, using the test track to try out new cars, daily login bonuses and even just hanging out with friends at the Car Meet.

There’s also a Prize Ride Challenge – a rotating event that you can compete in for the chance to win a unique new car. The LS Car Meet also includes a number of speciality shops, such as the Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop and a new vehicle modding area that allows you to tune your rides even further than before.

Get your membership to the higher levels and you can even take over the LS Car Meet – customising banners and lighting to compliment your crew.


The update also adds a load of new races, and even more new vehicles – 10 new cars launching next week with the update and another seven coming throughout the summer.

As well as the upcoming Los Santos Tuners update, Rockstar will soon be adding Contracts – new vehicular robbery missions that add a bit of Hollywood car chase action to GTA Online.