‘GTA: The Trilogy’ still unavailable on PC even as Rockstar Games Launcher returns

Awwww, here we go again!

GTA: The Trilogy is still unavailable on PC and has been since November 11, despite the return of Rockstar Games Launcher.

On November 11 GTA: The Trilogy was pulled from sale on PC after the Rockstar Games Launcher was down for maintenance. However, despite the return of the gaming platform the recently released trilogy of Grand Theft Auto III games, players are still unable to play their games on computer.

Rockstar put out this notice on their support page.


“The Rockstar Games Launcher is now back online. However, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will remain unavailable to play or purchase as we work to remove some data files that were unintentionally included in the new versions of these games. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to have the correct versions of the games up and running for everyone as soon as possible.”

Some were speculating that these unintended files refer to the ‘Hot Coffee’ mini game, which was removed from the original games, though evidence remained post-release. In this controversial side-mission, players could be invited into the apartment of a female NPC for ‘coffee’.

The dancing style mini-game was removed before release but modders were able to discover its initial inclusion after investigating files still present in the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

However, following reports that dataminers have found a number of iconic songs officially missing from the trilogy still in the code, it seems likely that these are the data files Rockstar is alluding to. Many songs which Rockstar no longer has the license to use are still available in the game’s code but are programmed to be skipped.

In other news, Id Software the developers behind the Doom franchise, have challenged a trademark for the phrase ‘doomscroll’ after a musician decided to name his thrash metal band after the social media related term.