‘GTA: The Trilogy’ teases launch by remastering iconic “here we go again” gif

Ah shit, here we go again...again?

Ahead of GTA: The Trilogy launching tomorrow (November 11), Rockstar has released a remastered gif of the internet’s favourite “ah shit, here we go again” scene.

Rockstar’s official account on Giphy has been updated with a bunch of gifs from GTA: The Trilogy (thanks, PC Gamer), showcasing tens of remastered scenes before the game launches.

For many, the most important gif on the channel will be the newly-updated scene (viewable here) from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which CJ utters the now-famous line “ah shit, here we go again”.


While it’s missing the subtitles, the gif shows that the scene has certainly been freshened up since its original debut in 2004. Although there’s no doubt that this is the gif fans will be most excited by, plenty of gifs from the other two games in GTA: The Trilogy have also been posted.

On Sunday (November 7), Rockstar also posted screenshots of GTA: The Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. The screenshots show how GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas will all look when they launch on the handheld console.

With the launch of GTA: The Trilogy so close, console fans can now pre-load the game – although PC players will have to wait until launch day. However, there’s some better news for PC users, as GTA: The Trilogy will launch with Nvidia’s DLSS technology for anyone with an RTX graphics card. This means that players should be able to run the game with improved graphics and performance.

In other news, the creative director of Scorn has apologised after posting a “hostile” update that encouraged Kickstarter backers to “just ask for a refund” if they were upset with the studio’s lack of communication. After being encouraged to refund the game, many former supporters of the project did just that.