‘GTA: The Trilogy’ textures are being fixed by modders

Suddenly the roads are the prettiest part of the game

A new mod called Project: Texture Overhaul improves the textures of GTA: San Andreas in the recent GTA: The Trilogy remake.

The mod, created by Nigeez, is available now and currently targets some of the highest impact textures in GTA: San Andreas. The mod updates road textures within the game to bring them up to a higher resolution and fidelity. The most recent work in progress version of the mod includes updates to the SF freeway and LV area, with every main road being updated.

The mod uses 4K textures to improve the roadways of San Andreas, but this may change in the future as the mod’s size increases. The modder also has plans to improve the textures they have already added. The mod is available on Nexus Mods.


Rockstar previously apologised for the state of the remaster and promised to improve the new versions of the game. Prior to the launch of GTA: The Trilogy, Rockstar removed all versions of the original games from Steam. After fan backlash to the new version, Rockstar has promised to return the originals to the platform, and owners of the remaster will gain access to the original games for free.

The most recent update for GTA: The Trilogy will correct over 60 known issues. Some of these are graphical issues that don’t affect gameplay, such as objects clipping through each other, or Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti switching to a T-pose during cutscenes.

Several of the bugs targeted by Rockstar would allow players to reach areas earlier than intended when attempting to speed run through the games. A bug that allowed players to move faster by quickly swapping between their weapons has also been fixed. The overly dense rain of San Andreas has also been fixed, and will no longer obstruct players’ views.

In other news, Xbox has said that improving its Game DVR video capture quality is a “priority”.