‘GTA: Underground’ mod closes down over “imminent danger” to finance and mental health

The team was dealing with "increasing hostility towards the modding community"

Modders behind GTA: Underground have removed all download links to the expansive title-connecting mod, following other high-profile Rockstar mods that have been removed in recent weeks.

In a video titled The End, the team behind popular mod GTA: Underground has announced that development has ceased and all download links have been removed. Back in July, we reported that GTA: Underground was one of several mods to receive a DMCA takedown notice from Take-Two.


GTA: Underground was a San Andreas mod that aimed to add maps from all other Grand Theft Auto titles – as well as cities from Bully and Manhunt – into one massive setting.

The reason for their decision is explained in the video description, which cites the “increasing hostility towards the modding community” as well as “imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being”. On a brighter note, the team adds that a lot of them “have shown interest in making our own game title”.

GTA: Underground modders are likely referring to publisher Take-Two‘s ongoing legal battles against programmers and Grand Theft Auto modders. The most recent lawsuit is against programmers who claim to have reverse engineered the source code for Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Last month, Take-Two issued copyright takedown notices for a wealth of mods that used assets from Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt and Bully. Fans believe that the increased legal activity suggest that remakes for these older games could be in the works, as Take-Two recently announced that three “new” remakes or remasters are in the works.

In other news, Sony has reversed a previous decision and announced that PS4 owners of ‘Horizon Forbidden West‘ will once again be able to access a free upgrade to PS5 once the game launches on both consoles. The game is scheduled to release on February 18, 2022.

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