‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ game will include option to remove copyrighted music

"Everything from Iron Maiden to Rick Astley to KISS to Wham to Blondie”

Eidos Montreal’s Narrative Director has confirmed that the new Guardians Of The Galaxy game will have an option to toggle licensed tracks for streamers.

In an interview with Venturebeat, Narrative Director Mary DeMarle discussed the upcoming title and the challenges of maintaining a line between serious and funny for a Guardians Of The Galaxy game.

DeMarle also confirmed the existence of a toggled streaming mode – a feature that has become more prominent in recent years.


The mode itself has become necessary due to the high amount of licensed tracks in the Guardians Of The Galaxy gameplay feature called ‘the huddle’. DeMarle described this as a “wild card” that brings all the characters together for a pep talk.

The player, as Star-Lord, chooses from a selection of lyrics in order to perk up their team. Choose the right lyrics and their team receives a boost, choose the wrong ones and only the player character gets any perks.

Either way, once the fight recommences, the soundtrack will include the song that was selected by the player. For those streaming Guardians Of The Galaxy, this may cause a problem due to copyright strikes.

To maneuver around this, DeMarle explains that the option to toggle this musical feature will be available. She expressed the importance of music in the game, saying that Guardians Of The Galaxy has a “killer ‘80s soundtrack”.

“We did a great job,” she continued, “We have more than 30 licensed songs. Everything from Iron Maiden to Rick Astley to KISS to Wham to Blondie.”


Earlier in the month, at a pre-E3 press briefing, DeMarle revealed that Guardians Of The Galaxy wouldn’t have any downloadable content (DLC) or microtransactions to ensure that everyone can dive into the game on day one.

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