‘Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons’ reveal features fishing, turtles, and skiffs

The expansion is set to release in February 2022

ArenaNet revealed Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons during a live stream today, showing off new features such as siege turtles and new elite specialisations.

End Of Dragons is the upcoming expansion for MMO Guild Wars 2. During a live stream, ArenaNet showed off the mysterious island realm of Cantha, the setting for the expansion. Cantha is a multi-ethnic land of magic and features a lush region dotted with islands.

With the high presence of water in the area, End Of Dragons gives players new ways to travel. A new personal watercraft called skiffs will allow players to ferry themselves and friends around the islands of Cantha.


End Of Dragons will also introduce fishing. Players will catch fish for food and take part in tournaments to compete for the best catch. The expansion will also feature the game’s first multiplayer mount called the Siege Turtle which is capable of carrying two players as riders.

The expansion will also add new elite specialisations for each of the nine professions in Guild Wars 2, and will provide players with a fresh way to play the game regardless of experience. To help test the new abilities, players will be able to take part in monthly week-long beta tests. These will start on August 17 and will continue until November. Any player can log in and create a new character to test the new specialisations.

End Of Dragons will add new legendary weapons inspired by the elder dragon Aurene. These will be available at launch for players to immediately seek out and add to their arsenals.

New strike missions will provide squads of up to ten players with challenging encounters. Shortly after the expansion launches, ArenaNet will enable challenge modes for each of the new strikes that promise to test every player’s skill.

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons can be pre-purchased on the Guild Wars website.


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