‘Guild Wars 2’ is coming to Steam next week

The MMO is also getting Twitch drops and a 'Complete Collection' bundle

ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam, a decade after the game was first released.

The developer made the announcement today (August 16), and shared that Guild Wars 2  will come to Steam on August 23 – five days before the free-to-play MMORPG celebrates its tenth anniversary.

As part of Guild Wars 2‘s Steam launch, ArenaNet is also releasing a bundled version of the game titled The Complete Collection. This bundle will cost £86.97 and comes with all three of the MMO’s expansions – Heart Of Thorns, Path Of Fire, and End Of Dragons – along with all five seasons of Guild Wars 2‘s episodic Living World story.


Ahead of Guild Wars 2 coming to Steam, ArenaNet has confirmed that Steam players will be able to play with those using the ArenaNet launcher, and vice versa.

“By launching on Steam, a whole new audience of players who have never had the chance to adventure with us will be able to experience one of the greatest fantasy worlds in gaming,” shared Kendall Boyd, senior vice president of marketing at publisher Ncsoft West.

From August 23, Guild Wars 2 will also support Twitch Drops – which will offer “exclusive in-game character rewards including classic outfits, experience boosters, and even a unique Glowing Purple Mask Cosmetic” for players watching supported streamers. The game’s first Twitch Drops campaign will run from August 23 to August 28.

Earlier in the year, ArenaNet shared that it is working on the next story update for Guild Wars 2, which will include “a new map set in the Cantha region.”

In the same blog post, ArenaNet also announced that much of Guild Wars 2‘s legacy content will return to the game permanently, after acknowledging feedback that it can be hard to understand the game’s story without knowing what previously happened.


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