‘Guilty Gear Strive’ final season 1 character has been revealed

Testament will be available on March 28

Arc System Works has announced that Testament is coming to Guilty Gear Strive which marks the end of the first character pass.

Testament, described as the Elegant Grim Reaper, will be available to play on March 28 for those who own the Season 1 DLC pass for Guilty Gear Strive. Those who don’t want the full pass, but want to purchase Testament separately will be able to buy them on March 31

A short trailer was released showcasing Testament and some of their moves. They fight using a giant scythe, suitable for long-range harassing attacks. Their scythe is also capable of ripping open portals of blood to deal damage at even greater distances.


The website gives some details on Testament’s narrative. “Under the control of the Conclave, they worked to revive Justice. After the events of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, however, they regained their sense of self.”

“Feeling guilty, they hid in the Forest of Demons, before resolving to protect the half-Gear Dizzy from the humans who pursued her. Although this began as a way to atone for their sins, it ended up bringing back their human sensibility.”

The previous character added to Guilty Gear Strive was Baiken. The update that added the swordswoman also added a new “combo maker” mode that allows players to record and share attack patterns and combos for their favourite characters. Other players can then view the uploads and attempt to recreate them for use in their own fights.

In other news, an Elden Ring exploit allows invaders to cause players to lose their save files. Invaders execute a hack that causes the host to crash to the desktop. Once the game is reloaded, the player will then find they are stuck in a loop where they repeatedly fall to their death.

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