‘Gwent’ update adds new cards for all factions

Cards on the table: it's time for an update

CD Projekt Red’s popular virtual card game Gwent will be getting an update this week, adding a dozen new cards for players to work into their decks.

The new content update arrives in the game tomorrow (December 7), as part of the 9.6 update. The 12 new cards will be split across the six factions in the game, with each getting two additional cards.


The new cards include “Regis: Reborn” coming to the Monster faction, and “Jan Calveit” for the Empire of Nilfgaard. The former is a Vampire that can drain enemy units for three health points, and boost the player’s base power by one if an opponent has a bleeding status at the end of the turn. The latter offers more of a tactical benefit, allowing players to sort cards in their deck and move their starting position.

As well as the new cards, update 9.6 will address a number of balance issues in the game. These include the Fire Scorpion card becoming cheaper to deploy, while the provisions bonus on both Shieldwall and Uprising have been upped from 14 to 15. The full slate of updates can be found in the video above, from the 33-minute mark.

Gwent was introduced as a side game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015, based on a game described in the original Witcher novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. In 2018, it was spun off as its own game, available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

News of the new update was made during the Gwent World Masters season three championships, which concluded over the weekend. The grand finale played out over December 4 – 5, and saw eight players from around the world competing for a slice of the $71,000 (£53.5k, €62.9k) prize pool.

The full championship finals can be rewatched on the official Gwent Twitch channel now.


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