‘Half-Life 2’ has ultrawide support and increased FOV added by Valve

Valve prepares the classic game for the Steam Deck

In what appears to be in anticipation for the Steam Deck, Half-Life 2 has received a number of updates, including ultrawide support.

As first spotted by YouTuber Tyler McVicker, the update includes fixes to bugs from almost a decade ago, an expanded FOV slider, and adjustments to the UI, in order for the game to support ultrawide monitors.

The update also includes the neccesary adjustments to prepare Half-Life 2 for the Steam Deck, Vavle’s upcoming handheld. The Steam Deck uses Vulkan, an API which allows games to work with the it properly.


Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2. Credit: Valve

Valve had previously announced that Portal 2 had also recieved support to work with Vulkan, pointing to the liklihood that Valve’s entire catalogue will make its way to the handheld.

However, despite earlier claims to the contrary, Valve has confimed that the Steam Deck won’t run every Steam game, although the publisher will review all of them. 

On October 18, Valve shared news on how the company will assign “Deck Verified” status to games. Being “Deck Verified” means passing four tests: input, seamlessness, display and system support.

Steam Deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

On the review process, Valve said the following:


“We’ve already started reviewing titles and will continue to check games through launch and beyond. This is an ongoing evaluation of the entire catalogue and a game’s rating can change over time – titles will be re-reviewed as the developer releases updates or the Deck’s software improves.”

Steam Deck games will be assigned four labels, based on how they perform during Valve’s internal review. These labels are Verified, Playable, Unsupported and Unknown.

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