‘Halo’ announcer shares support for trans people through Cameo

A pleasant surprise for one Cameo user

Jeff Steitzer has been the multiplayer announcer for every Halo game and uses that classic voice on Cameo.

Cameo allows people to pay celebrities to say phrases, often with a personalized twist. Jeff Steitzer has been using the platform to allow people to share his unique announcer style. Recently he was asked to say the simple phrase “Trans rights” in the iconic voice for user @tanisthelesbiab.

Instead, Steitzer recorded a two-minute video in which he shared his feelings on trans rights.


“Now normally what I would do in one of these videos for Cameo would be a recording or a series of recordings of some of the things I’ve said over the years in the game, stuff like ‘double kill’, ‘triple kill’, ‘killing spree’, ‘slayer’,” With Steitzer adopting the iconic voice for each phrase.  “But in your case, I think this is going to be a somewhat different kind of recording.

“I have to say I’m, I’ve been around for a while, I’m kind of old. I’m going to be 70 this coming November, and I’ve seen an awful lot, and the struggle of trans people reminds me so much of all the other struggles I’ve been a witness to over the many years that I have been alive.” Steitzer continued

“I’ve watched the Black Americans’ struggle, the Asian Americans, the Hispanic individuals, I’ve seen gays and lesbians, and Native Americans and now I see trans folks like yourself who basically want nothing more than to enjoy the equality that everybody else aspires to, and which I for one think you should have.”

“So, I am happy to say ‘trans rights’. I hope things will be better for you, for all of us really, soon, and I’d like to say in conclusion to all of the trans people, all your friends and to you, you are all un-freaking-believable. Be well.”


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