‘Halo’ co-creator “confused” by story changes in the Paramount show

Marcus Lehto clarified he didn’t “hate” the show, but that it felt like a “different universe”

Co-creator of the original Halo, Marcus Lehto, has commented on the story decisions made in Paramount’s recent TV show. 

In Twitter conversations earlier this week (May 16 to 17), Lehto talked about how the Halo TV show has been a major departure from the stories and characters of the games. Lehto worked at Halo‘s original franchise developer Bungie from 1997 to 2012 as both a 3D artist and creative director, and joined EA last year to work on a new first-person game.

“I’m not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now,” said Lehto, calling the show “not the Halo I made,” (via PC Gamer).


This was followed by a fan’s tweet claiming Lehto hated the show, to which he then further clarified his statement and explained what he both liked and disliked about it.

“I didn’t say I hate the show. Some parts are interesting,” Lehto explained. “Just confused by many of the choices that were made which feel pretty far outside the core fiction I helped create.”

Lehto added in a separate tweet: “I actually like some of the battle scenes. Cool action and some great VFX. In particular, the plasma hit effects in episode one are spot on.”

Master Chief makes the jump from video game to TV. CREDIT: Paramount

These comments follow the Paramount Plus show’s divisive creative decisions, which have seen the lore of Halo and protagonist Master Chief go down a drastically different path than what was presented to players in the mainline game series.


“For clarity, I never said I didn’t like it,” added Lehto. “It’s just so different than the Halo I helped make – like it’s a different universe.”

The Halo TV show recently wrapped up its first season, with a second season greenlit before it aired in March of this year.

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