‘Halo’, ‘Guild Wars 2’ and ‘Destiny’ composer Stan LePard has passed away

Outside of the gaming industry, LePard was also known for composing the ‘Out Of The Box Experience’ installation music for Windows XP

Prolific video game composer and orchestrator Stan LePard has passed away. He was known for his work on Guild Wars 2, the Halo series and much more.

The news was shared by LePard’s friend and colleague Maclaine Diemer on Twitter on Monday, February 15. Diemer revealed that LePard had passed away unexpectedly last week.

“Knowing him helped shape and change the course of my life and my music. He was a big part of my work for @GuildWars2, in addition to his own musical contributions to the game,” Diemer said.


Diemer added: “His passing is a tremendous loss to his family, friends, and the Seattle game audio community. I’m looking into setting up a donation fund for his family and will announce more details here when I have them. Thank you, Stan, for everything you’ve done for me. I’ll miss you dearly.”

Apart from his contributions to Guild Wars 2, LePard had also worked on a number of other renowned game titles and franchises such as Halo Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Destiny, Fable II, Crimson Skies, Age Of Empires III: Asian Dynasties, Age Of Mythology and many more.

Following Diemer’s announcement of LePard’s passing, the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account shared a tribute to the late composer, saying: “We are so saddened to hear of Stan’s passing, and thankful for everything his music brought to the world of Tyria. Thank you, @stanlepard.”

Fellow composer Jon Everist, who worked with LePard on Battletech, also paid tribute to the late composer on Twitter. “RIP to my friend Stan, who was also orchestrator for BATTLETECH (and many others) and a talented composer, keyboardist and just a good person. I will always think about the BATTLETECH sessions in Budapest as one of the best times in my life,” he said.


Outside of the gaming industry, Stan LePard was also known for composing the ‘Out Of The Box Experience’ installation music for Windows XP. He was also a keyboardist for Seattle-based soul-funk band Planet Fly. The band paid tribute to him on Facebook, saying LePard “was a beast on the keys, but more than that, a kind gentle soul”.

“Sending prayers out to his family and everyone who knew him. Stan is definitely blowing it out the window with the musical angels”, they wrote.