‘Halo Infinite’ battle pass will rely on challenges, not XP

Fans are worried about the flow of the multiplayer

Halo Infinite is going to use a separate challenge system for levelling up its battle pass, and some fans aren’t too pleased with the idea.

The concern stemmed from a recent Inside Infinite blog post by developer 343 Industries, where the head of design Jerry Hook talked about how the battle pass in the game will work.

“Using challenges, our goal is that you will always be earning progress in your Battle Pass through playing and winning matches,” said Hook. “This will allow you to always jump into a game of Halo and make progress on your goals.”


Hook also made it clear in the post that there won’t be a free reward at every battle pass tier level and that the technical preview issues of challenges not completing or refreshing aren’t intended.

Halo Infinite multiplayer
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Some people have voiced concern with the focus on challenges over XP for the battle pass, and Hook even replied to one worried fan on Twitter, saying the team is “always looking at ways to expand progression across the board.”

Community manager at 343 Industries John Junyszek confirmed that playing and winning matches will support challenges for the battle pass and added that “even though this means no per-match XP at launch, you’re still always progressing through challenges and therefore the BP.”

Concerns have thus been mounting about whether or not progression will feel time-gated by a lack of challenges and if the challenges will constrain how players approach each match to level up the battle pass.


Twitter user ArdentPrayer said: “People who are going to watch a big streamer eventually buy their way into progressing the Battle pass because of limited challenges and XP are most likely not going to bother playing if they feel like they can’t progress and play at THEIR own pace because of an unnecessary artificial obstacle that won’t respect their time.”

It does appear, though from what Hook and Junyszek have said, that 343 Industries are listening to player feedback and could make changes depending on what happens at launch on December 8.

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