‘Halo Infinite’ dev says 343 Industries “anticipated” cheating

"Unfortunately, cheating is a natural part of supporting a F2P PC game"

343 Industries community manager John Junyszek has revealed that the studio “anticipated” cheating in Halo Infinite, but is “prepared and committed” to fighting it.

Taking to Twitter, Junyszek has addressed concerns surrounding cheating in Halo Infinite. Many of these concerns stem from the fact that Halo Infinite is a free-to-play game, which often attracts more cheaters as the financial implications of being banned do not exist.

Clarifying that “cheating is a natural part of supporting a F2P PC game”, Junyszek clarified that it is an issue that 343 Industries “anticipated”.


“We don’t take a ‘single feature’ approach, but a game-wide approach to anti-cheat,” explained Junyszek.

Reiterating that the studio is “prepared and committed” to fighting cheaters, Junyszek urges players to manually report cheaters by submitting a ticket on the Halo support site. He adds that “including video evidence” makes it easier for the anti-cheat team to take action.

Recently, players in the Halo Infinite community have been asking 343 Industries to let Xbox players opt out of crossplay until an anti-cheat system is implemented.

In other Halo Infinite news, XP gain in the shooter has been increased dramatically to help alleviate issues with slow progression. While it once took 20 games to earn one level up, players can now achieve the same results in just six games. Furthermore, 343 Industries has reiterated that it is “committed” to making “even larger changes”, but explained that it takes time to implement.


This follows Halo Infinite‘s head of design saying slow multiplayer progression is at the “top of the list” for 343 Industries to address.

In other news, a Skyrim speedrunner has completed the game without glitches in just over an hour. With a mix of strange jumps and plenty of wine, the speedrunner managed to complete the game in an impressive 72 minutes.

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