‘Halo Infinite’ devs say backlash over Craig was a positive thing

"He was one of the factors in gaining some more time to finish work"

In a new blog, Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries have explained that the backlash over last year’s gameplay reveal, and especially the character nicknamed Craig by fans, was ultimately a positive thing.

The post comes after the developers premiered new footage from the upcoming game earlier this week, a year after a teaser was so badly received, the game was delayed by over a year.

When the first gameplay trailer was shown, players picked apart the flat visuals and Craig, a Brute character, was quickly turned into a meme to really drive the point home.


However, in a new development blog, 343 have shown off  hi-def renderings of how the character could look in the game as well as explaining why the backlash was a positive thing.

“The team has sort of a love-hate relationship with Craig,” said Steve Dyck, Halo Infinite’s Character & Combat Director. “While it was fun to see the community gravitate towards Craig, he unfortunately represented some content and systems that were not ready for prime time in that demo.

“The positive outcome of Craig was that he was one of the factors in gaining some more time to finish work and get Brutes to a place where the team is happy with them,” he continued. “This is one of the many positive examples of 343 working with and aligning with the Halo community around expectations. Players who look hard enough will still be able to find some evidence of Craig in Halo Infinite, his spirit lives on!”

Speaking about the Brutes in general, Dyck explained: “We wanted the Brutes to feel very aggressive but not like “dumb space monkeys.” We talked a lot about the desire for Brutes to feel more visceral as well. The player will experience this in everything from the way they attack, how their armour can be shot off, and the VO (voice-over) they use. The Brutes are all about “Brute force” for lack of a better way of putting it, and this shows through in the gameplay.”


The latest game in Xbox’s best-selling series was initially planned as a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S. However, following delays of over a year, Halo Infinite is now set to release on December 8 of this year.

It’s also been confirmed that Halo Infinite will continue the longstanding tradition of allowing players to swap weapons with allied non-playable characters.

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