‘Halo Infinite’ esports skin bundles to improve with Season 2

The esports skin bundles are getting an overhaul

New cosmetic bundles based on nine of the biggest teams in Halo esports will be added to Halo Infinite as part of the Season 2 “Lone Wolves” update on May 3.

A short trailer has been uploaded to the Halo Esports YouTube channel showcasing each of the slick-looking HCS (Halo Championship Series) bundles. Every bundle includes an Assault Rifle Coating, Sidekick Coating, Weapon Charm, and Warthog Coating.

This is a notable upgrade from the bundles seen in the first season, which would only provide players with an armour skin, a gun skin, and an emblem.


Lone Wolves is the first major Halo Infinite update since the game’s full release back in December of last year, and developer 343 Industries recently hosted an extensive community stream deep dive into all of the upcoming additions and changes. There will be plenty of new cosmetics for players to unlock and customise their Spartans with, but the most notable additions are the new maps and game modes.

Arena, which hosts four-versus-four matches, will be receiving the new Catalyst map which takes place in what appears to be an abandoned facility. Additionally, there is also a new Big Team Battle map being added called Breaker, which will see players shooting it out in a desert facility.

Four new game modes are also being added, including fan favourite King of the Hill, Land Grab, Elimination, and a completely new mode dubbed Last Spartan Standing. This is the most unique of the bunch, being a 12-player free-for-all within Big Team Battle maps, with each player having a total of five lives.

There will also be some rotating goofy gimmick modes to look forward to, such as Slayer with infinite ammo Rocket Launchers, and Oddball with a one-hit kill melee weapon that grants Overshields.

Halo Infinite Season 2 will start on May 3 and run until November 7.


In other news, a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak stream is airing this month.