‘Halo Infinite’ event pass makes previously purchasable items free

That's a good deal

343 Industries has implemented a change to the free Fracture: Tenrai event pass in Halo Infinite, meaning it’s now filled with previously purchasable cosmetics.

When the Fracture: Tenrai event first rolled around earlier in the year, plenty of its 30 free rewards were challenge swap and XP boosts, but now as the event has come around again 343 has made some significant changes.

Namely, now every single level in the event pass rewards some form of cosmetic, and as the developer said in a blog post: “We hope this extra buffer will help expedite progression for highly engaged players.


“Content that was originally slated to be featured as premium offerings in the store for the remaining weeks of this event has now been added to the core free event pass,” the post adds.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries.

To earn these cosmetics players must participate in the Fiesta game playlist and complete relevant challenges, and now the number of rewards players can earn during Fracture: Tenrai’s return period has been increased from seven to ten as well.

The event is currently live until January 10, and will return between February 1 to 7.

“We recognize the frustration that many players felt where they would have to work through multiple non-Event related Challenges or burn through Challenge Swaps in order to get an Event Challenge to show up in rotation,” writes 343. “We felt this too and have made adjustments to ensure that players are always making progress on at least one Event Challenge as well (provided you have active Event Challenges remaining for the week).”

This comes quite soon after players were calling out the expensive addition of Mister Chief cosmetics, as they came in at a whopping 2,000 credits, and were cited as offering less than cosmetic packs from previous titles.


In other news, Activision has filed a lawsuit against a cheats website that sells game-changing cheats for Call Of Duty titles.

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