‘Halo Infinite’ has “biggest launch in ‘Halo’ franchise history”

That’s with over 20million players

Since launching at the end of last year, Halo Infinite has now become the biggest launch in franchise history according to Microsoft

It’s worth noting that there wasn’t a delineation between the campaign and multiplayer of the newest Halo title, meaning the figure likely comes from a combination of both. As Halo Infinite’s campaign is on Xbox Game Pass – which was confirmed to have passed 25million subscribers recently – and the multiplayer is free-to-play, it isn’t entirely surprising that the launch has been so successful.

Over 20million players have suited up, according to a recent earnings call and a note from the official Halo Twitter.


CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said recently that “the big bets we have made across content, community and cloud over the past few years are paying off” (via VGC).

“We saw record engagement as well as revenue this quarter. Game Pass has more than 25 million subscribers across PC and console,” Nadella continued.

“We released new AAA titles this holiday to rave reviews and record usage. 18 million played Forza Horizon 5 and more than 20million have played Halo Infinite, making it the biggest Halo launch in history.”

Since news that Microsoft would be acquiring Activision Blizzard came to light, there’s been news of even more games coming to Game Pass, with promises that Activision’s library will be added down the line as well.

The newest iteration to the franchise has had a strong yet bumpy launch with its free-to-play multiplayer, as developer 343 Industries has been continually committed to responding to player feedback. So much so in fact that credits, which are used to purchase cosmetics in the game, will be obtainable through play when season two launches around May of this year.


In other news, Sniper Elite 5 is going to twist it’s co-op multiplayer formula by allowing players to competitively invade one another.