‘Halo Infinite’ live action ad channels generations of warfare

"We've always believed in heroes, it's time to become one."

A new live-action cinematic has been released to herald the release of the main Halo Infinite campaign, focusing on fighting overwhelming odds over the course of human history.

Titled “Forever We Fight”, the short film starts off with shepherds defending their flock from a hungry pack of wolves. It then jumps to what seems to be a French battlefield – Verdun, perhaps – where a reluctant woman takes up arms, then progresses through the present day and on to the hypothetical future of the Halo universe where Master Chief once again faces down an unyielding horde.


The YouTube entry for the mini-film describes it as exploring how “Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon”, and adds that “Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We’ve always believed in heroes, it’s time to become one.”

Its release comes just over a week ahead of the release of 343 Industries’ long-awaited new entry in the Halo series, with the main Halo Infinite campaign set to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8. The free-to-play multiplayer component of the game launched on November 15.

The “Forever We Fight” video is the latest in a series of live-action shorts that have been produced for Halo Infinite. Others so far include “Project Magnes“, which follows the engineer responsible for the new ‘Grappleshot’ weapon that Master Chief will use in the game, and “Unspoken“, a video log detailing how a desperate escape led to the acquisition of alien technology that benefitted the UNSC in Halo’s universe.

In other news, two years on from its release, it has been confirmed that Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered definitely won’t get multiplayer, while a Train Simulator fan has gotten extremely meta by driving trains on board an actual train.

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