‘Halo Infinite’ loses another director following delay

Chris Lee is the third executive developer to leave the project since 2019

Halo Infinite director Chris Lee has stepped down from the upcoming game following its delay to 2021.

Chris Lee, who is also the partner studio head at 343 Industries, confirmed his exit from the project in a statement to Bloomberg. “I have stepped back from Infinite and I am looking at future opportunities. I believe in the team and am confident they will deliver a great game and now is a good time for me to step away,” he said.

Lee has been with 343 Industries since 2008 and, according to Microsoft, will continue being an employee at the company, although his current role is unknown. “Chris Lee remains a Microsoft employee and while he has stepped back from Halo Infinite right now, we appreciate all he has done for the project to date”, Microsoft said.


Lee is the third executive developer from the 343 Industries to exit the project since August 2019, when the game’s developer team lost its creative director Tim Longo and executive producer Mary Olson. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft said at the time that “the overall creative vision and production of the game remains led by Chris Lee.” With Lee’s departure, it is currently unclear who will lead the project.

Following the game’s delay, the studio has roped in franchise veteran Joe Staten to revamp the single-player campaign direction, as well as senior executive Pierre Hintze to oversee the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Microsoft has not announced an official release date for Halo Infinite, but the developer has said that the game will launch sometime in 2021.

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