‘Halo Infinite’ loses third key team member this year

"Thank you to all that have let me run alongside you in this amazing industry"

Jerry Hook, who worked as head of design on Halo Infinite, announced on May 25 that he has left 343 Industries.

The announcement came via a tweet by Hook, which reads; “Today marks my last day at 343i, Microsoft and Halo. This journey has been filled with creating new worlds, platforms and products from Xbox, Xbox Live to Halo.”

This is followed by a subsequent tweet where he expresses his gratitude for being a part of the industry and the Halo community. Hook hasn’t stated what his future plans are, however, he notes on his LinkedIn profile: “Next Saga coming soon”.


This comes off the heels of Aaron Linde, one of Infinite’s lead writers, and Adam Wittes, the lead multiplayer designer, leaving 343 Industries since the start of 2022. There were also several major departures during the initial development cycle of the game, with two directors dropping out (Chris Lee and Tim Longo) along with executive producer Mary Olson.

Halo Infinite season 2
Halo Infinite. Credit: Microsoft / 343 Industries

Despite this, 343 is vigilantly plugging away at the game, continuing to implement feedback. This has been added via Halo Infinite‘s May 25 patch, and the shooter’s second season, Lone Wolves, releasing in early May. This new season added additional modes, maps, a new Battle Pass, and additional tweaks.

However, the rollout of content has been slower than expected, with the likes of a staple Halo feature, co-op campaign, being pushed from its May 2022 release window to a targeted August release, and Forge mode having no specified target date.

Halo Infinite’s campaign is available to purchase or play via Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, while its multiplayer is free to play.

In other news, No Man’s Sky continues to expand with its latest update, The Leviathan, adding a space whale and a time loop to the game.

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