‘Halo Infinite’ multiplayer overview reveals new vehicles, airdrops, and more

But can you get Hayabusa?

343 Industries has shared a new video on the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, displaying some brand-new features and returning content for fans to look forward to.

Earlier today (June 14) a new ‘multiplayer overview’ was uploaded to the Halo Youtube Channel. 

Joseph Staten, Head of Creative for Halo Infinite, states that the multiplayer will aim to feature a familiar “legacy Halo combat experience” while still “modernizing it in ways that will feel fresh to old players and really exciting to new players.”


The video announces plenty of new and returning content for Halo fans to enjoy, including the addition of a battle pass that won’t expire.

Also showcased is the ability to receive vehicles and weapons through a drop-off feature. Rather than waiting around for them to respawn, players will find that vehicles will be dropped from the sky by a Pelican ship, while weapons will be fired to the ground via UNSC drop pods for anyone to potentially grab.

The way that equipment and larger weapons work has also been changed. A brand new vehicle called the Razorback has been added, which will allow players to move bigger pieces of equipment like turrets and mode objectives.

Similarly, players will now have an equipment inventory to store power-ups and usable items, allowing players to have more choice on when to utilize their gear.

Player customisation also seems to be a focal point for Halo Infinite. A variety of new ways to customise your character and vehicles have been showcased, with the “majority” of customisation options remaining unlockable just by playing the game.


While some cosmetics may be restricted to battle passes, the video emphasises that there will be “no random loot, no lootboxes”.

Christopher Blohm, lead player investment designer, notes that “we want the Spartan to represent the player as much as possible. They can change their body type and their voice, as well as choose prosthetics for the first time”.

Keen eyes will also spot the return of aiming down the sight for assault rifles, which was removed in previous games.

The multiplayer for Halo Infinite will launch as a free-to-play game alongside the full game, and will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PCs later this year.

In other news, Microsoft has announced that they will soon be releasing an Xbox-themed minifridge.