‘Halo Infinite’ patch stops multiplayer matches using almost 1GB of data

The bug was reportedly using upwards of 900Mb of data each multiplayer match

Halo Infinite was reportedly using a disproportionate amount of data each multiplayer match, which prompted 343 Industries to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

The game client has been using between 305Mb and 900Mb of data after every single match (as spotted by Twitter user @NicmeistaR on July 21). Given that an average multiplayer match only takes around ten minutes, this meant that players with data caps could be unknowingly rinsing through their allowance very quickly.

The official Halo Support Twitter account has confirmed that an update has been rolled out in response to the issue. “The Halo Infinite team has deployed a backend update that improves the amount of data downloaded after multiplayer matches. This update is now live and no download is needed.”


On July 23, a post on the same account acknowledged the issue, with both of the tweets mentioning that the August Drop Pod will make further improvements, hopefully fully amending the issue. However, there’s no specific date mentioned for the update.

Despite the initial backlash that this caused, fans seem to be pleased with how quickly 343 was managed to get on top of the issue. After originally reporting the issue and then comparing the data usage after the patch, NicmeistaR confirmed that “Considerably less data being used now. Well done Halo and Halo Support for acting on this so quickly especially over a weekend.” Another posted “This was impeccably fast. Thank you for being on top of this!”

343 recently released an hour of in-game co-op campaign footage, which is set to release supporting both local and online play in August. The flight test for Halo Insiders is currently underway and runs until August 1.

In other news, Evolve: Stage 2 servers have come back online following their shuttering in 2018, with peer-to-peer servers coming back online.