‘Halo Infinite’ players could be waiting months for campaign co-op

The co-op campaign will launch with Season 2

The multiplayer and campaign modes for Halo Infinite will be launching at the same time, however fans could be waiting months to play campaign co-op. 

The news comes as part of a comprehensive 28 minute developer update from 343 Industries. Watchable below, it confirms that both the campaign and multiplayer (Season 1) will be available at launch.


There was no new gameplay in the video, but it was also revealed that co-op for the campaign would be coming alongside Season 2, and that the creative forge mode is planned for season 3. With each season being three months in length, this means a co-op campaign is three months away and that forge is six months away.

Live producer Sam Hanshaw also reflected on the recent technical preview, “It was a success, we had some problems along the way, getting there,” he went on “but it’s important to have those kinds of problems because those are the things we want to address now rather than have them crop up as a surprise at launch.”

Halo Infinite Credit: Microsoft

The developers have also already apparently figured out what the roadmap for the first year of the game looks like. While head of creative Joseph Staten also wanted to reassure fans that whilst local splitscreen wasn’t at the tech preview, it will be on every Xbox platform at launch, but not PC.

“Some things won’t land in a launch time frame, but some things, you know, will just roll out over time. That’s part of this Halo Infinite journey that we’re kicking off together with fans,” Staten added.


In other news, Escape From Tarkov will not be at Gamescom 2021 according to the developers, as they just want to work on the game instead.