‘Halo Infinite’ reportedly suffered “development hell” akin to ‘Anthem’

"You can wind up like Anthem… or you can wind up like God of War"

343 Industries apparently suffered through “development hell” to get Halo Infinite shipped.

This comes from journalist Jason Schreier, who quote tweeted the generally positive review scores for Halo Infinite’s campaign mode with the following statement:

“Two and a half years ago, a number of 343 staff passed around our big Anthem article, lamenting that much of it could also apply to Halo Infinite. Someone pointed out: at the end of that kind of development hell, you can wind up like Anthem… or you can wind up like God of War.”


Halo Infinite was originally supposed to release as a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S at the end of 2020, but after a lacklustre showing at E3 2020 the title was pushed back into 2021, and later confirmed to have its upcoming December 8 release date.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Xbox head Phil Spencer recently spoke about how the early announcement of Halo Infinite was a mistake, especially promising to launch it alongside the new Xbox console.

​​“I don’t like how we did it,” said Spencer. “I don’t like that we showed the game, talked about it launching at the launch of the consoles. And then within a month, we had moved it.”

He then added that this was mostly down to optimism: “we should have known before and just been honest with ourselves. We were there not out of deception, but more out of… hope. And I don’t think hope is a great development strategy.”

In our review we gave Halo Infinite five out of five stars calling it “a shining beacon in a year that has felt quite underwhelming in the AAA space.”


In other news, the potentially titled Sonic Frontiers may be up for an imminent announcement, as a new website domain and Steam page update could be signalling as much.