‘Halo Infinite’ Season 2 includes a new 12-player survival mode

There's also an infinite Energy Sword and Grappleshot playlist

343 Industries has detailed the new game modes and playlists coming to Halo Infinite when Season 2 drops on May 3.

In a blog post from yesterday (April 21), the updated classic modes and completely new ones were set out by 343 Industries. These include King of the Hill, Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing.

A new trailer showcasing each of the game modes can be watched below:


Last Spartan Standing is the most unique new mode, and one based on the “Lone Wolves” theme of Season 2. In the free-for-all mode, 12 players are dropped into a Big Team Battle map with five lives, and when a player loses them all they’re eliminated, at which point they can either spectate or leave the match entirely “without penalty”.

Each time a player earns a kill they can upgrade to a different weapon, with the match ending when only one player is left standing.

King of the Hill is a returning game mode, but this time around its classic capture-and-defend style has been twisted. In Halo Infinite, players on both teams will fight to gain control of one unmoving area, and when a team has control they’ll begin to get points. Whichever team fills their capture bar first adds one point to their total score, with the hill then moving to a different location.

Rinse and repeat until time is up or one team reaches the maximum number of points.

Halo Infinite multiplayer cheating fix
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries


Land Grab is somewhat similar to existing game mode Strongholds, as there are three points on the map each team must aim to control. When a team captures a zone, they gain one point and the zone is locked from then on. Only when all three zones are captured by either team does an intermission occur, before three more neutral zones appear. First team to 11 points wins.

In the post, multiplayer game designer Zach Boyce also highlighted how Halo Infinite’s current multiplayer playlists will be improved. When Season 2 launches on May 3, the Rumble Pit playlist will offer a collection of eight-player free-for-all modes, some coming with a “twist”.

The Ninja Slayer playlist will let players don infinite ammo Energy Swords and Grappleshots, incentivising players to “swing around and hit people with swords”. Vampireball is Oddball except the ball carrier becomes overpowered, as in this mode the skull is a one hit kill instead of two, and any kill recharges the carrier’s shield by 50 per cent (which includes bleeding over into extra overshields).

Lastly is Rocket Repulsors, which sees all players given infinite ammo Rocket Launchers and Repulsors.

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