‘Halo Infinite’ to bring Champion rank back to the series

Competitive ranks have also been redistributed

343 Industries has revealed plans for upcoming Halo Infinite competitive changes, including the reintroduction of Champion rank.

The latest blog post on Halo Waypoint discusses the changes coming to Halo Infinite’s competitive multiplayer. In a community Q&A at the end of the post, one of the questions regards the return of Champion rank, a tier higher than the current max Onyx rank for players to achieve in competitive multiplayer, with it last appearing in Halo 5.

To this, 343 Industries said: “We hear this feedback loud and clear, and we’ll be adding it in a future season down the road. Similar to the reconnect feature above, we still need to scope out the work for this before we can commit to any timing.”


A reconnect feature is also something requested by players so that they can rejoin a match if their device crashes or they lose connection. 343 said that it likes the idea but will need to do more investigation before committing to it.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries.

The post also addresses issues with placement within Halo Infinite. Players feel like too many users are achieving the Diamond and Onyx ranks, something that 343 has also noticed. A rank reset was introduced on February 22, and the distribution should be adjusted.

“It’s too early to share full details on the new distribution, as many players are still working on their qualifying matches. However, we can share that for the players in the Platinum/Diamond tiers, the new changes have resulted in [competitive skill ranks] 150-300 points (three to six sub-ranks) below what they were pre-reset, depending on playlist.”

However, Halo Infinite players may still notice outliers in their matches even with the skill rank changes. 343 says that this could be due to players moving through the ranks and might not have reached their accurate skill level yet.


In other news, Ukrainian esports team Navi has announced it will not be leaving the country despite the ongoing Russian invasion.

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