‘Halo Infinite’ will let players throw things off Zeta Halo in a series first

It has been confirmed by 343 gameplay director Troy Mashburn

343 Industries has confirmed that players will be able to throw things off the edge of Zeta Halo in Halo Infinite.

It was confirmed by gameplay director Troy Mashburn, who answered a fan question during an #Ask343 video, which you can watch below.

Mashburn was asked: “In Halo Infinite, will we be able to knock things off the edge of Zeta Halo? Asking for a friend.” He replied: “The answer is yes.”


He then went on to explain a situation where he had managed to use a UNSC Scorpion Tank to push a Covenant Wraith Tank off the edge of the Halo structure.

“I managed to push the Wraith over the edge and just watched it slowly tilt back and fall into the abyss, which was amazing, unexpected and it was just such a cool moment that happened just by luck.”

The full video is available below:

The video also sees a handful of other questions asked by the community. Lead Sandbox Designer Quinn Delhoyo answered a question about dual-wielding, and confirmed that the mechanic is not currently planned for inclusion, as 343 intend to focus on the core mechanics before expanding into new areas.

Delhoyo also confirmed that the game is intended to be a “Master Chief story and a spartan story in multiplayer” and as such there will be no playable Elites in the game, in order to keep the game “fair, competitive, and balanced”.


The video Q&A comes after a recent Inside Infinite post which focussed on the art and graphics of Halo Infinite. In the update, graphics producer Alex Le Boulicaut said that 343 were “committed to deliver a great experience and high level of visual fidelity across all platforms.”