‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ could still get microtransactions

343 Industries is listening to player feedback on the idea

343 Industries is still contemplating adding microtransactions into Halo: The Master Chief Collection due to the game’s current progression system and number of available cosmetics. 

The developer penned a post discussing the current state of cosmetics in the game and outlining what solutions it is considering for earnable items (via Kotaku).

At present there are over 1000 individual cosmetic items in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with some released during specific seasonal updates. Back in June 343 Industries made it clear that it is happy with the current play-to-unlock system, but that it understands new players may benefit from the option of using purchasable points to unlock items.


To that end, 343 Industries has shared that “no decision has been made around the potential for purchasable SP (Spartan Points) being added as a secondary vector in the future,” but the studio says it does agree with players that the rate in which points are earned needs to be improved at the very least.

Halo 3
Halo 3. Credit: Microsoft.

Spartan Points can currently be earned from any multiplayer game in the Halo collection, and then used on any cosmetics specific to each title.

343 Industries is currently working to solve the issue with an update that will allow players to players retroactively earn Spartan Points from every level between Tour one and 11 (for 329 total points) they’ve already progressed through that didn’t reward them with the points. This means that many players will likely get many Spartan Points in one go, which can be used to pick up in-game cosmetics.

“Having this open dialogue with our community is important to us as we navigate this path together, added the developer. “Feedback has already directly helped drive upcoming changes to our current earnable Spartan Points model.”

In other news, Hangar 13 has confirmed it is working on a new entry in the Mafia franchise, whilst 2K has announced that the 2002 original will be free on Steam soon for a limited time.

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