‘Hearthstone Mercenaries’ had a cool new feature that was cut

Alexstrasza was originally a lot more flexible

Hearthstone Mercenaries originally had a cool new feature which made Alexstrasza a lot more flexible. But it was cut from the game before it launched.

“Alexstrasza has three different portraits,” explained Blizzard Entertainment lead game producer Gloria Zhang in an interview with NME. “Two with her dragon form and one with her human form.”

Classic World of Warcraft dragon queen Alexstrasza is one of the powerful playable characters you can add to your team in Hearthstone Mercenaries. Sporting a variety of useful skills, she’s a force to be reckoned with. But her most unique ability is one you can sadly never use.


“Alexstrasza has really good dragon synergies,” she added. “But you had to pick the dragon form portrait for Alexstrasza to get those synergies – you could not pick her human form. But if you picked the human form, you would get her human synergy. Alexstrasza was the only one who had this special flavour.”

Hearthstone. Credit: Blizzard.

Essentially, this meant that Alexstrasza doubled up as both a Human and Dragon type mercenary – synergising with either group depending on which character portrait you chose for her. It’s an incredibly unique ability and would have allowed Alexstrasza to be one of the most versatile Mercenaries in the game. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

“Alexstrasza is always a dragon,” clarified associate game designer Ates Bayraktaroglu. “It was a bug that her human visage did not have the dragon type.”

Although this very cool mechanic won’t be making its way into Hearthstone Mercenaries at launch, that doesn’t mean we won’t see it in the future.

“It’s definitely an interesting avenue, right?” said Bayraktaroglu. “It’s something that we could leverage in the future.”


Hearthstone Mercenaries, the brand-new RPG style Hearthstone game mode, has launched today on Android, iOS and PC – bringing an interesting new way to play. Put together a band of mercenaries and take on fun challenges, epic foes and fellow players in team combat.

Meanwhile, Hearthstone Mercenaries may soon have its own ranked mode with a new way of delivering season rewards.