‘Hearthstone’ prompts backlash after pricing a single card at £21

The 'Hearthstone' community has labelled the £20.99 price tag a "new low" for Blizzard

Hearthstone fans have launched into criticism of Blizzard, after the company added a Diamond Drek’Thar card that costs £20.99 to purchase.

In the latest patch for Hearthstone (via PC Gamer), Blizzard has added a diamond version of the game’s Drek’Thar card. The rarest tier of card in the game, diamond-tier cards are animated but otherwise work exactly like lower-tier cards.

“The Horde may have lost the battle for Alterac Valley, but the honourable Horde is proud and strong! Show that your Horde pride can overcome any enemy with this Diamond Drek’Thar Legendary card, featuring a special Diamond frame and animation,” reads the card’s entry on the Battle.Net store.


However, the price of Diamond Drek’Thar has led to heated criticism from the Hearthstone community, and the card’s price tag – £20.99 or 3000 gold has been condemned by fans across social media.

Hearthstone: United in Stormwind. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

In a Reddit thread expressing derision at Diamond Drek’Thar’s price, one player called the decision “ridiculous and stupid”, while another said it was “a new low” for Blizzard.

“Just when you thought Blizzard[‘s] monetization couldn’t get any greedier,” added another unhappy player.

Over on Twitter, the sentiment remains the same.


“Diamond Drek’Thar should summon 10-drops because it sure as hell costs more than every single minion in my deck,” joked Hearthstone Top Decks. Another Twitter user added that they think it looks like Blizzard’s attempt at a “collectors item” instead looks like “they are trying to rip some people off”.

“It’s a bit too late for [an] April Fool’s joke ain’t it, Blizzard?” Asked another player.

At time of publication (April 6), Blizzard hasn’t responded to the backlash surrounding Diamond Drek’Thar just yet.

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