‘Hearts Of Iron 4’ getting new expansion ‘By Blood Alone’

'By Blood Alone' releases later this year alongside a free major update

Paradox Interactive has revealed the new expansion for its strategy wargame, Hearts Of Iron 4, and it’s called By Blood Alone.

Announced today (June 7), By Blood Alone will allow players to explore new alternate histories for Italy and Ethiopia, as well as one of the leading neutral powers, Switzerland. The expansion will also add new stories and possibilities during the time of the Second World War.

New Focus Trees will be introduced as well. For the Italian Focus Tree, players will follow the historical path of Mussolini’s Italy or rewrite history by restoring power to the monarchy, leading a Communist revolution, or promoting democracy. With the Ethiopian Focus Tree, players must defy the odds to defeat the Italian invader or resist, while the Swiss Focus Tree will balance competing factions and overtures.


Additional Peace Conference options will also be included in the Hearts Of Iron 4 expansion. Players will need to demilitarise zones of the map and several nations, bid on capital ships, and claim control of enemy resources.

The Aircraft Designer will allow the design and building of planes, while Unit Medals will let players track their performance and allow them to award those who have performed well.

By Blood Alone will also feature the Embargo Interaction mechanic, which will let users embargo their enemies with diplomatic interaction, preventing them from trading with players if they have generated enough world tension.

More than 20 new pieces of unit art for Italian, Ethiopian and Swiss armies will be introduced, as well as 67 new plane models and 12 music tracks.

At this time, Hearts Of Iron 4: By Blood Alone has yet to receive a set release date, but Paradox has confirmed it will be available later this year on PC and will be accompanied by a free major update for all players.


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