‘Hell Let Loose’ launches major ‘Falling Dark’ update

Voice chat has been improved and new DLC has been added

Developer Black Matter Games has launched its major Hell Let Loose update entitled Falling Dark, which adds a collection of new content and quality-of-life improvements.

Update 12 has introduced the game’s previously announced new map “Remagen” and also includes new weapons and vehicles, such as the Panther and M4A3 Sherman. Players can also now get their hands on Flare Guns.

The developer hasn’t just added extra items and content with Falling Dark, it’s also addressed the way primary weapons are shown on players. It’s implemented the animations of a player’s primary weapon to now be shown on their back when they switch to an alternate weapon or item.


Hell Let Loose
Hell Let Loose. Credit: Black Matter

In a recent Steam blog post, Black Matter also touched on voice chat in Hell Let Loose and how it wants to improve player communication in-game, confirming that it has implemented a better volume control system with update 12.

“There are three layers of VOIP channels within HLL consisting of ‘Local’, ‘Unit’ and ‘Command’ chat respectively,” the developer explained. “In addition to the previous single overall voice volume option of these we have now added a volume slider to each VOIP channel. This will allow players to raise or lower the volume for Local, Unit and Command chat as they see fit.

Some other notable updates include the ability for players to now destroy wrecked vehicles using tank shells, AT-guns, and rockets, while the visual effects for muzzle flashes, artillery cannons, tank cannons, and Panzerschreck/Bazooka rockets have been improved. Update 12 also adds a brand new collection of new player achievements.

Additional downloadable content (DLC) in the form of unlockable cosmetics are also currently available on Steam. As the developer explained in the latest blog post, the DLC can be bought separately in two different packs. One is the Upper Echelon and will include the US Summer Service Uniform and German Field Blue Heer Officer Uniform, while the Red Marshal pack will feature the Soviet M35 Officer Uniform.

In other news, the Dead Cells roadmap confirms the game is “mid-life”.