‘Hell Let Loose’ will receive four updates a year after leaving early access

Paid DLC is coming but the player base will remain united

Black Matter has said that it will continue releasing updates for Hell Let Loose at a similar rate to to the current schedule when the game leaves early access.

Black Matter’s CEO, Max Rea, spoke to PCGamesN about how Hell Let Loose will continue once it leaves early access today (July 27). Regular content releases will be spaced out about three months apart in the same way they have during the game’s early access period.

“In the very start, it was extremely fast, mainly because we just didn’t have the content that we needed to keep the player base interested,” Rea said. “So I think now that there’s so many maps, so many guns, so many forces, so many loadouts, so many different ways of playing the game, so many vehicles, it’s now more for us about quality and maintaining the quality, which becomes, you know, a beast in its own right.”


Of the four planned expansions for the coming year, one will be a larger paid expansion. While Rea did not say what would be included in this, he revealed that they plan to be similar to the Soviet forces that are being added as the game releases.

No pricing has been given for the expansions, but Black Matter plans for releases to be affordable. The expansions will also be developed so that they do not split the community by restricting lobbies or teams based on what maps and faction players own.

Rea did offer one final tease of factions that Black Matter could include in upcoming updates. “We’d love to do the Brits, we’d love to do the Japanese.”

Hell Let Loose was described as a challenging but vastly enjoyable hardcore shooter in our review.

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