Here are all the announcements from today’s Nintendo Direct Mini

Every trailer and reveal is right here

Today’s (June 28) Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was filled with announcements, reveals and trailers – here’s everything in one place.

If you’d rather watch the whole Nintendo Direct itself instead of getting the breakdown below, you can find an embed of the 25-minute showcase right here.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The showcase opened with footage from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and highlighted the previously announced free title updates for the expansion, although nothing new was announced for the game releasing on June 30.

Check out the footage below.

Nier: Automata is coming to Nintendo Switch

You read that right, Nier: Automata The End Of YorHa Edition is a new version of the game coming to Nintendo Switch, and it even comes with previous downloadable content – check out more details here.


New title Lorelei And The Laser Eyes announced

Coming to Nintendo Switch as its first console, Lorelei And the Laser Eyes is a noir murder mystery game that focuses on puzzle-solving. Check out the surreal trailer below.

Super Bomberman R announced 

Coming in 2023, Super Bomberman R 2 has been announced, which will let players create and share their own stages, whilst a new mode will see a 15-on-1 battle where the larger team will need to blast their way to treasure chests, whilst the lone player attempts to stop them.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection announced

All ten of the Mega Man Battle Network games from the Game Boy Advance are coming to Nintendo Switch as confirmed in the Nintendo Direct, which sees Mega Man trade off platforming for grid-based combat. Releasing next year, the collection is split into two volumes and offers a “high-resolution filter.”

Pac-Man World remaster announced

Called Pac-Man World Re-Pac, this remake will launch on August 26. This linear platforming take on the arcade classic sees the titular Pac-Man out to rescue his family after his arch-rival ghosts kidnap them.  You can see the game in action below.

Blanc announced

Coming in February of next year, Blanc has a unique 3D aesthetic that focuses on the adventure of a fawn and a wolf cub. The unlikely pair will solve environmental puzzles together.

The text-free story will have both local and online co-op, both of which are being done in an effort to let as many people play it as possible.

Return To Monkey Island coming to Nintendo Switch 

This year’s Return To Monkey Island will now also be coming to Nintendo Switch when it releases, as a new trailer showed off some in-game footage of the upcoming title – you can read more about the trailer here.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope trailer announces a new showcase

Upcoming strategy game Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope had its October 20 release date confirmed alongside some new footage of the game. It was also revealed that a showcase dedicated to the game will air tomorrow – check out the air time and new details from the trailer here.

Little Noah: Scion Of Paradise is out later today

This roguelike action game is out today, as alchemist Noah enters everchanging ruins and recruits allies to help them with their elemental attacks. Check out the trailer below.

Management simulator Railgrade releases later this year

A train-based railway simulator, Railgrade tasks players with restoring economic prosperity to an industrial economy. Releasing this autumn, players will need to prepare shipments for transport and decide what resources to acquire and the best way to transport them.

RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright coming in August

Launching on August 18, RPG Time: The Legend Of Wright is a game about game-creator Kenta, who’s making an RPG in their paper notebook. Players will need to draw and erase to solve puzzles, and even use Kenta’s calculator to help get through the game.

Cyberspace zones confirmed for Sonic Frontiers 

Whilst no release date was given for Sonic Frontiers, the Direct presentation did confirm the existence of Cyberspace zones in the game. These are more linear levels in the open-world game, which also look to sometimes reflect classic Sonic stages like Green Hill Zone, check them out in the trailer below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access given a date

This Disney and Pixar-based life simulator game will go into Early Access on September 6. Players will need to help famous characters recover their lost memories and meet many characters in their own -film-based environments.

Live A Live remake gets a demo

Whilst no major details were revealed about the July 22 release of the Live A Live remake, it was revealed that a demo for the game will be on the Nintendo Switch eShop at some point today. Data from the demo can also be brought into the full release.

Dragon Quest Treasures comes to Switch this year

This series spin-off will release on December 9. Players will need to use ally monsters and a fortune finder to discover new treasures, with loot able to increase your treasure hunting level and expand your in-game base.

Portal: Companion Collection launching on Switch today

Absolute classic games Portal and Portal 2 are available on Switch today. Not much else needs to be said about these iconic first-person platformers apart from how inventive the portal mechanic actually is, so check out the trailer below and pick the collection up.

Harvestella is a new Stardew Valley-like from Square Enix

This new game releases on November 4, and the life simulation RPG will let players tend to crops across the four seasons and explore dungeons, all whilst socialising and adventuring – learn more about the game here.

Multiple Persona games are coming to Switch

After it was confirmed that Persona 3, 4 and 5 were coming to almost every modern console and PC, it has now also been confirmed that they’re coming to Nintendo Switch – check out what that means for each release here.

That’s every major announcement and new information from the Nintendo Direct, and whilst it wasn’t first-party, there was still quite a lot for players to sink their teeth into.