Here’s a first-look at ‘Halo Infinite’ campaign gameplay

Check out the open-world and new features such as a grappling hook

343 Industries has finally released the first gameplay footage from Halo Infinite, which premiered during the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23.

Halo Infinite looks set to mix up the Halo formula and bring iconic mascot Master Chief into an open-world setting. The gameplay begins with the Chief crashing into an unknown landscape that is soon revealed to be an open-world environment – a first for the series – and complete with a map for players to track down objectives.

The series’ famous gunplay is on full display in the clip, which also provides insight into some new gadgets players will be able to use. Those seem to include a drop wall that can be used to block enemy fire and the the much-rumoured grappling hook.


How the grappling hook can be used in Halo Infinite is shown in numerous ways, such as propelling towards an enemy, scaling cliffs and pulling explosive barrels to the player to then throw at enemies.

Check out the full gameplay reveal below.

The new trailer also confirms that Halo Wars 2’s The Banished will be the main antagonists, after a slew of teasers over the past weeks, with the faction delivering an extended monologue at the end of the clip.

Besides Halo Infinite, the Xbox Games Showcase also unveiled many other new titles headed to Xbox consoles, including a port of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age for the Xbox One, an upcoming RPG from developer Obsidian Entertainment titled Avowed, and a new State Of Decay entry.


Fable fans finally got confirmation that a new entry is in the works by Playground Games, who is most commonly known for its work on the Forza Horizon series.