Here’s an exclusive look at Pawmot from the ‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’ card set

The fluffy electric-type pokémon arrives in the Trading Card Game this month

The Pokémon Company has shared a first look at Pawmot’s upcoming Pokémon card from the Scarlet and Violet set, which NME can exclusively reveal.

While Pawmot made its debut in 2022’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games for the Nintendo Switch, this will be the first time it appears in the Trading Card Game.

An evolution of Pawmo, Pawmot is an electric-type Pokémon that boasts 130 health points.


Its ability, Electrogenesis, will allow those who play the card to do the following: “Once during your turn, you may search your deck for a Basic Energy card and attach it to this Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.”

Meanwhile, its attack move – Electro Paws – will do 230 damage but forces players to discard all Energy stacked on the card.

Pawmot. Credit: The Pokémon Company.
Pawmot. Credit: The Pokémon Company.

While it’s doubly weak to fighting-type opponents, being electric-type means Pawmot is super effective against flying and water-type Pokémon. “Pawmot’s fluffy fur acts as a battery,” reads the card’s description, claiming “it can store the same amount of electricity as an electric car”.

Pawmot will launch into the Trading Card Game as part of the Scarlet and Violet series, which will release with over 190 cards on March 31. As listed on the series’ web page, it will include “dozens” of cards with special illustrations, over 30 Trainer cards, and introduce Tera Pokémon to the series.

2023 will be a busy year for fans of the latest Pokémon games. Outside of Scarlet and Violet‘s card game debut, the Switch games are also getting an expansion later this year.


Announced during last week’s Pokémon Presents livestream, the expansion is called The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero and will be split into two halves. The first, The Teal Mask, will take players to the new land of Kitakami when it launches in autumn; while The Indigo Disk will involve a trip to Blueberry Academy in winter.

The stream also confirmed that Pokémon Sleep will be launching this summer.

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