Here’s every item banned from the ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Flea Market in 12.12

'Escape From Tarkov' has banned lots of items from the Flea Market this wipe, including Labs keycards

Escape From Tarkov has recently been updated with patch 12.12, and has banned a sizeable list of items from being bought or sold on the Flea Market – here’s what they are.

Patch 12.12 has arrived in Escape From Tarkov and introduced heaps of new content and big changes. One of these changes included in patch 12.12 means that certain items can no longer be traded on the Flea Market, which is used for players to buy and sell their in-raid finds.

As clarified in the Escape From Tarkov patch notes provided by developer Battlestate Games, “specific items can no longer be put up and purchased on the Flea Market”. The following items have been hit with these restrictions, meaning players must now find them in-raid or receive them from NPC traders:

  • “Rys-T” bulletproof helmet
  • Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet (Black)
  • Vulkan-5 (LShZ-5) bulletproof helmet
  • “Altyn” bulletproof helmet
  • 6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh body armor (0/85)
  • NFM THOR Integrated Carrier body armor
  • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier
  • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier (Tan)
  • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier (Olive)
  • 5.11 Tactical Hexgrid plate carrier
  • FORT Redut-T5 body armor
  • BNTI Zhuk-6a body armor
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (full protection kit)
  • FORT Defender-2 body armor
  • NPP KlASS Korund-VM body armor
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (assault kit)
  • FORT Redut-M body armor
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (high mobility kit)
  • BNTI Gzhel-K armor
  • Ars Arma CPC MOD.2 plate carrier rig
  • 5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier rig
  • CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier rig (Protection, MTP)
  • WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier rig
  • Ars Arma A18 Skanda plate carrier rig
  • CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier rig (Assault, MTP)
  • 6Sh118 raid backpack
  • Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (Multicam)
  • SSO Attack 2 raid backpack
  • Eberlestock F4 Terminator load bearing backpack (Tiger Stripe)
  • .45 ACP AP
  • 7.62x51mm M61
  • 7.62x51mm M993
  • 7.62x51mm M62 Tracer
  • 7.62x54mm R BS gs
  • 7.62x54mm R BT gzh
  • 4.6x30mm AP SX
  • 4.6x30mm Subsonic SX
  • 5.56x45mm SSA AP
  • 5.56x45mm M995
  • 5.56x45mm M855A1
  • 5.56x45mm M856A1
  • 7.62x39mm BP gzh
  • 7.62x39mm MAI AP
  • 5.45x39mm BS gs
  • 5.45x39mm PPBS gs “Igolnik”
  • 5.45x39mm 7N40
  • 9x19mm AP 6.3
  • 9x19mm PBP gzh
  • 5.7x28mm SS190
  • 5.7x28mm SB193
  • 12/70 AP-20 slug
  • 12/70 Copper Sabot Premier HP slug
  • 12/70 SuperFormance HP slug
  • 9x39mm BP gs
  • 9x39mm SPP gs
  • 40x46mm M441 (HE) grenade
  • 40x46mm M433 (HEDP) grenade
  • 23x75mm “Zvezda” flashbang round
  • .300 Blackout AP
  • .338 Lapua Magnum AP
  • FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz thermal rifle scope
  • Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope
  • GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles
  • SWORD International Mk-18 .338 LM marksman rifle
  • FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher
  • 5.56×45 Magpul PMAG D-60 STANAG 60-round magazine
  • 5.56×45 SureFire MAG5-100 STANAG 100-round magazine
  • AK 7.62×39 X Products X-47 50-round drum magazine
  • AK 7.62×39 ProMag AK-A-16 73-round drum magazine
  • TerraGroup Labs access keycard

escape from tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

Many of these items could be classed as high-end gear in Escape From Tarkov – much of the listed ammo, for example, is the go-to choice for players looking to penetrate tough armour. Speaking of which, much of that armour is now banned from the Flea Market, so in general players will likely take a bit longer to access huge loadouts. The fact that Labs keycards can no longer be bought and sold also means that players will have a much tougher time getting into the map, making the high-loot area even tougher to access.

Combined with changes to inertia and weapon overheating, these restrictions are likely to further dissuade players from Escape From Tarkov‘s last meta, which revolved around people buying expensive sets of armour and fully-automatic weapons then quickly rushing their opponents. It’s fair to assume that now, fans can expect this wipe to revolve around slower-paced combat.

In other news, that’s far from the only change for Escape From Tarkov in patch 12.12. As well as a full wipe, the update has brought the Lighthouse map, voice chat, a long-awaited inertia rework and much more.

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