Here’s every major announcement from The PC Gaming Show

With a huge number of announcements, here’s everything in one place

Did you miss yesterday’s (June 12) The PC Gaming Show? If so we’ve collected every reveal and announcement into one place, alongside their trailers, so you can get caught up as quick as possible. 

We’ve also collected all the announcements and reveals at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, so be sure to check that out to get 100 per cent caught up as well.

Soulstice gets a release date and demo


Those excited for Soulstice will be glad to see a new trailer for the game, alongside a September 22 release date this year, and news that players can register here for access to the game’s upcoming demo.

Rotwood is coming soon

This cute Castle Crashers-inspired Brawler get a slick animated trailer during the show, with news that an Early Access period will be starting next year at the earliest.

Tactical Breach Wizards is all about magical SWAT teams

This next game has players controlling a magical SWAT team in an isometric strategy game, think XCOM but instead of aliens, it’s wizards.

The Invincible got some solid in-game footage


Set for release in 2023, The Invincible is all about exploring the planet of Regis III as scientist Yasna, all whilst marvelling in the games atompunk flair. Check out the five minutes of footage above.

Sega and Amplitude show off Endless Dungeon

This snazzy tower defence/rogue-lite/ tactical action game is launching an Early Access mode on June 30, and players can get ready to play it for then if they liked the look of it, as the “First Run” OpenDev can be signed up for here.

F1 Manager 22 coming to major platforms later this year

Early Access for the new management game starts on August 25, and the officially licensed game will let players choose their own team and “be the boss with unparalleled authenticity”.

Chivalry 2 now on Steam with cross-play

Chivalry 2’s biggest update to date will add cross-play, put the game on Steam, introduce horses, and all-new desert combat as well. You can see the Tenosian Invasion update above, which is out now.

Deceive Inc announced

Ever fancied yourself a spy? How about in an asymmetrical game where players use social stealth, high-tech gadgets and spy abilities to get one up on another spy. The game is coming to modern consoles in early 2023.

The Alters announced 

This is a game about Jan, and Jan decided to create multiple clones of himself to help him survive on a lonely planet. Called the alters, each of these clones is shaped by various life paths of Jans, check out the trailer above.

Potion Craft leaves Early Access this year

With a unique art style, Potion Craft promises to let players in on some new potions, quests, additional quest requirements and new characters and classes when it comes out of Early Access later this year.

Animal Royale season four starts later this month 

A giant mole is on the loose in the world’s most adorable battle royale, as Animal Royale season four begins on June 28. That’s just a couple of weeks away.

Nitro Kid has a demo

Prepare for a tactical neon adventure with some booming synths, which uses a car-based system to help players navigate through Nitro Kid’s sci-fi and martial arts. A demo is available now on Steam.

Killing Floor 2 Tidal Terror coming this month

A new map, weapons, new weekly arsenal ascent, HRG weapons and outfit are coming to Killing Floor 2 with Tidal Terror. Players can get their hands on it as early as June 14 (tomorrow).

Arma 4 interview

The PC Gaming Show had an exclusive interview with the staff behind Arma Reforger, and what that means for the highly anticipated Arma 4. If you want to hear about how Bohemia Interactive has already learned a lot from Arma Reforger, you can do so at the link above.

Decarnation goes full-blown horror in 2023

How about some pixelated horror? Well, Decarnation promises just that, with it currently set for a 2023 release date. It’s a story-rich adventure horror game” where players will need to “solve cryptic puzzles, fight disturbing enemies and explore a phantasmagorical world of dreams and nightmares.”

I Am Future looks like a lighthearted take on the apocalypse

Arriving sometime this year, I Am Future is a bright and colourful take on the post-apocalyptic survival simulator where players will need to build, make gadgets, cook, fish and farm to survive.

Great Houses Of Calderia shown off

The first bit of in-game footage for Great Houses Of Calderia has been revealed, and the grand strategy game is inspired by Renaissance. Players will need to build their family’s legacy and aim to rise to be the greatest house in all of Calderia.

System Shock reboot footage and Warren Spectre

Players can get another look at the upcoming System Shock reboot’s Citadel Station and Shodan. There’s still no concrete release date for System Shock, but developer Warren Spectre sat down to talk a little about translating the game to modern hardware and audiences.

Super People having its final Beta in August

A battle royale with super soldiers, Super People will enter its final Beta period on August 17, with a developer live stream taking place on June 16 as well.

Immortality was given a release date

The next game from Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Story, now has a full release date, with Immortality set to release on July 26. This game will FMV footage to tell the story of an interactive film trilogy and what happened to the actress within them.

Nivalis is an upcoming cyberpunk management simulator

A new neon cyberpunk business management game, Nivalis currently has no release date, but it will allow players to manage restaurants and nightclubs, and even go fishing and find love. Check out the trailer above.

Demonschool is a new Atlus-inspired RPG

Coming in 2023, Demonschool takes massive inspiration from a particular Shin Megami Tensei game, and goes for the tried and true school-based strategy RPG, also with demons

Survival RPG Frozen Flame coming later this year

A new trailer for Frozen Flame was shown off at The PC Gaming Show, which showed off the game’s dying world of dragons, spiritual bird flight, and more. The game is getting a full release later in 2022.

Victoria 3 set for later this year

The development studio within Paradox Interactive has been working on a new 19th-century grand strategy game that challenges the player with developing a new nation throughout that time. Industry, trade and political reform will all need to be considered, alongside food of course.

Gloomwood Early Access to begin soon

This first-person game with a liking for classic polygonal aesthetics got a new trailer at The PC Gaming Show, with the Early Access period set to start later this year on August 16.

Backfirewall_ debuts with a meta trailer 

This tragicomic adventure game showed off an incredibly meta trailer and takes place inside of a smartphone. Playing as the update assistance, it’s the player’s job to solve wacky puzzles and counter a looming update to save the operating system from being deleted.

Half-Life: Alyx Levitation mod in-game footage

There were seven minutes of footage for the new mod, which we broke down here. Set to release later this year, Levitation will see the titular Alyx go through four-to-five hours of the game as she attempts to find a pair of rebels gone rogue.

Those were most of the major announcements and reveals at yesterday’s The PC Gaming Show, hopefully, you found a game or two that really excited you over the next twelve months.

In other news, the three Persona games coming to Xbox and Windows have now also been confirmed as coming to both PS5 and Steam.

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