Here’s how to watch the ‘Warframe’ Showcase developer stream

Everything you need to watch the upcoming Warframe Showcase

Digital Extremes has announced that it will be hosting an extensive Warframe Showcase stream this Friday (August 27), which will share a host of new information on the game – as well as a first full walkthrough of Nidus Prime.

Broadcasting at 7 PM BST on Friday August 27, the Warframe Showcase will give fans a chance to see a first look at what to expect from the future of the third-person action game.

When it goes live, fans will be able to watch the show through Warframe‘s Twitch or YouTube channel. Viewers will be able to receive Twitch drops by watching the Showcase, though will first need to link a Warframe account to Twitch.


Warframe nidus prime concept art
Warframe. Credit: Digital Extremes

The event will provide the first full in-game walkthrough of the highly anticipated Nidus Prime, which was first teased earlier in the year and will offer players increased base stats and more polarity slots, which in turn will allow for further mod customisation and overall stronger builds.

The stream will also tease the return of Warframe‘s Operation: Plague Star event, a fan-favourite that took players to the Plains Of Eidolon to halt an attack from infested lifeforms.

Furthermore, the Warframe Showcase will also share a brand-new weapon “that will help players destroy the toxic, infested boil before it becomes unstoppable”.

Finally, the stream will also include a rerun of TennoCon’s 2021 narrative recap, as well as a look at even more content that is currently in development.


Outside of Warframe, gamers may want to keep their eyes on Gamescom, which is currently ongoing and sharing trailers for a variety of announced and unannounced games alike. To watch the event, we recommend visiting our Gamescom schedule for information on when – and where – to watch each show.

One of the games to receive a premiere at Gamescom is DokeV, which gave fans an action-packed and bizarre gameplay trailer.

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