Hideo Kojima confirms his studio will remain independent from PlayStation

An updated PlayStation Studios banner caused the initial confusion

Amid rumours that Kojima Productions could be acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hideo Kojima has confirmed that his development studio will remain independent.

Kojima clarified the status of his studio earlier today (April 15), after he shared an image of an updated PlayStation Studios banner on his Twitter. The updated banner now includes Death Stranding, which was Kojima Productions’ first game as an independent studio.

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,” Kojima clarified in a quote tweet, “but Kojima Productions has been and will continue to be an independent studio.”


As the banner has the PlayStation Studios logo in the middle, many were under the impression that Kojima Productions was going to be acquired by Sony. Whilst Sony does in fact own the trademark for Death Stranding, as can be found here, it doesn’t own Kojima Productions itself.

After its PS4 release in 2019, Death Stranding came to PC in 2020 as part of a publishing deal with 505 Games. So whilst Sony didn’t handle the PC port of the game, it does still own the intellectual property.

The official PlayStation Studios website does now include Death Stranding in its list of games, but Kojima Productions is not listed as one of the 18 developers in the “our studios” section.

Death Stranding Directors Cut
Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Credit: Kojima Productions

Late last year Hideo Kojima also revealed he’s working on multiple new titles, with one expected to be a sequel to Death Stranding, although no confirmation has been given since.


Even though Kojima Productions will remain independent, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently confirmed that the Sony is looking towards more studio acquisitions. “We’re growing our studios organically, and we’re growing through acquisition,” said Ryan.

In other news, the team at EA Motive has released updated footage of the weapons in Dead Space following fan feedback.

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