Hideo Kojima is “afraid” of a future without physical media

"Eventually, even digital data will no longer be owned by individuals on their own initiative"

Death Stranding director and Kojima Productions founder, Hideo Kojima, has expressed that he is worried about the future of physical media.

As reported by VGC, Kojima wrote on Twitter earlier this week (August 5) suggesting he is worried that digital media will “no longer be owned by individuals” in the future saying that he is “afraid” of this happening.

“Whenever there is a major change or accident in the world, in a country, in a government, in an idea, in a trend, access to it may suddenly be cut off,” the director wrote.


“We will not be able to freely access the movies, books, and music that we have loved. I would be a have-not. That’s what I’m afraid of. This is not greed.”

In January 2021, GamesIndustry.biz analysed GSD market data which revealed that “across both physical and digital, 42.7 million games were bought” a 34 per cent increase over 2019 and “the majority of the games, 24.5 million, were downloaded (which is up 74% over 2019)”.

Fans of Kojima who follow him on social media may notice that the developer often posts images of his recent purchases, ranging from albums, movies, CD’s, and more.

Kojima also stated in a previous Tweet – sharing his latest purchase of the ‘Tangerine Dream’ box set – that “CDs will be gone soon. When I think about it, I still buy them,” after which he shared his worries for physical media.

Hideo Kojima and his assistant Ayako Terashima recently teased that the director is working on something new leading to a lot of fan speculation. Kojima hasn’t revealed whether or not his team is working on a new game, nor has he hinted further at what is they are working on, but the image shared in the Tweet had fans going wild.


In other news, Death Stranding has officially sold over five million copies on PS4 and PC.

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