Hideo Kojima is working on something new and fans are going wild

Could Kojima be working on a new title?

It seems that Hideo Kojima – the director behind Death Stranding  is working on something new, leading to a lot of fan speculation online.

As spotted by GamesRadar, a new Tweet from Kojima’s assistant Ayako Terashima shows the game director wearing his Kojima Productions hoodie while holding a mug with a carousel top, with the caption: “Filming now…”

Kojima hasn’t revealed whether or not his team is working on a new game, nor has he hinted further at what is they are working on, but the image has led to a lot of speculation.


Some fans are even taking Kojima’s mug as a sign pointing to what he could be working on, with one comment suggesting that it could be in relation to the famous carousel sequence from Silent Hill 3, as Silent Hill has been a popular theory in the community.

Other comments are even jumping to examine the picture on the mug, which is of a music album called “slowdive”. One user states that they have looked the album up on Wikipedia and found the Japanese edition has a bonus track called “30th June”.

Of course this is all just speculation and, as GamesRadar pointed out, Kojima could be working on additional content for the recently announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

In October last year, Hideo Kojima announced that he was working on a new game but no further details have been revealed.


However, during Summer Game Fest, Kojima revealed that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming soon to PS5, which could have been the mystery game he was talking about in 2020.

Meanwhile, Abandoned developers recently cleared up rumours surrounding Kojima’s involvement after much speculation online.

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