Hideo Kojima reveals he is currently working on two titles

"The near future where the boundaries of entertainment will disappear”

In a recent end of year wrap up, Kojima revealed that he is currently working on two separate titles.

In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Google Translate), Hideo Kojima was asked for keywords to describe the upcoming year, he chose “new waves and EVA”, and his aspirations for 2022 include “searching for a new generation of development system, we will regain the flexible and communicative, speedy production rhythm before Coronavirus as a studio.”

Fans can expect multiple games from the Kojima Productions with “big titles and new challenging titles” on the way. No details on the games were revealed, but the specification of “new” titles suggests that a new IP could be on the way from Kojima Productions.


Death Stranding Mads Mikkelsen
Death Stranding. Credit: Kojima Productions

Kojima also reiterated his interest in media outside of video games: “Furthermore, we would like to make a year in which we will take a step forward in media and expressions that are different from games, toward the near future where the boundaries of entertainment will disappear.”

Finally, Kojima provided some things that people should look out for in 2022. “A year in which the entertainment industry will surely change with streaming. The change in the form provided will have a great impact on the work itself and the business method. It will be a year when those changes can be clearly seen.”

While streaming video games have become more commonplace with services like PlayStation Now and Nintendo Switch’s game streaming, it appears that Kojima expects the distribution style to have an impact on the design of games. Whether this provides insight into Kojima Productions upcoming games remains to be seen.

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