Hideo Kojima wants to see games that “change in real-time”

“I made a playground and everyone is playing there”

Hideo Kojima has given his opinion on the evolution of games, saying he wants to make games that “change in real-time”.

In an interview with Anan, a Japanese magazine, Kojima revealed his plans to keep games fresh via the evolution of the medium. He spoke at length about Boktai, a vampire hunting game for the Game Boy that he worked on for Konami, and how it utilised new technology at the time.

“I want to create a game that changes in real-time,” he said, “even though there are people of different ages and trades playing the same game, they are playing it in the same way. Instead, I want the game to change based on where that person lives, and that person’s unique perspective”


“Because you would defeat vampires using the light from the sun, [Boktai] would change based on where and when you played the game. That kind of feature connects man-made systems to real-life.”

Kojima also explored the idea that gamers were becoming more creative, saying “In the past, there were creators, players, and critics, but now there are pro gamers and game commentators, and more recently, in-game cameramen.”

“I made a playground,” he says, “and everyone is playing there.”

Kojima has also recently expressed worry at the idea of a future without physical media. Initially posting his concerns on Twitter, he said he was worried that digital media will “no longer be owned by individuals” in the future saying that he is “afraid” of this happening.

“Whenever there is a major change or accident in the world, in a country, in a government, in an idea, in a trend, access to it may suddenly be cut off,” the director wrote.


“We will not be able to freely access the movies, books, and music that we have loved. I would be a have-not. That’s what I’m afraid of. This is not greed.”