‘Hitman 3’ game modes revealed, Ghost Mode to be removed

Elusive Target, Escalation, and Sniper Assassin modes will return

IO Interactive has revealed the game modes that will be featured in Hitman 3 when the highly anticipated stealth game releases in January 2021.

Today (August 19), the developers outlined through its blog all the different modes that will be available in the trilogy’s conclusion, as well as the removal of the long-running 1v1 Ghost Mode.

The game’s campaign mode will see players travel to various sandbox locations for the most crucial and most challenging contracts of Agent 47’s career. The developer notes that the mode will “deliver a dramatic conclusion to the World Of Assassination trilogy [as] Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career”.


Elusive Target mode will return Hitman 3 with brand-new targets for players to take out. IO Interactive noted that it is in the process of “making some changes to the Elusive Target formula”, which will be revealed closer to the game’s launch.

Hitman 3
Hitman 3. Credit: IO Interactive

Three other gameplay modes will also be available in Hitman 3, all of which should be familar to returning players. Escalations is making a comeback with new elements being introduced to put players’ assassination skills to the test with increased security cameras, disguise restrictions, and other kinds of “complications”.

Sniper Assassin mode focuses on long-range elimination as players take out targets and guards from a distance. The mode will be be a single-player only experience in Hitman 3, unlike its co-op counterpart in Hitman 2. Contracts mode, where you pick a target, take them out and challenge friends to the best score, is also returning.

Lastly, IO Interactive revealed that the 1v1 competitive Ghost Mode will not be featured in the upcoming game, the first time in the trilogy’s history. The mode’s servers for Hitman 2 will also be shut down on August 31, 2020.


Hitman 3 will be released in January 2021 for PS5Xbox Series XPS4Xbox One and PC. The game is set to be “a lot more mature, serious and darker”, IO Interactive revealed during a livestream about the game back in June.

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